Wednesday, March 31, 2010

3 down - 19 to go!

wow.  march flew.
here's the ol' update on the 2010 goals.
goals with progress made:

learn french well enough to have an entire conversation with my grandma & apply for bilingual jobs
still working on this in france, of course.
this month in class i've been learning the imperatif and subjunctif verb tenses.  - how to give orders and how to speak in a tense that my french students say they never use - whoo hoo!  also learned some expressions like "it's raining like a pissing cow."  the equivalent of raining cats & dogs.

master the use of photographic flash/5 portfolio building preplanned photoshoots
though neither of these is near complete i did get to do a little beach shoot with some friends in march.
practice is what i need - i find i have difficulty telling 'models' what to do, how to pose, etc.
i used a little bit of flash to balance the sun in some shots - others are natural light or i used a reflector disc to bounce the light back. (view more here)

organize my harddrives
 this still needs another couple of hours - wow there are a lot of old files! ha ha.

 make a facebook fan page for my photography
another one that i can cross off!
and so ~ if you'd like to become a fan ~ i'd love it!
hopefully this will come in handy as i apply for jobs soon-ish :)

and a "hello!" to everyone now following.  i'm truly grateful.
looking forward to getting to know you.

do you have goals for 2010? how are they going?


  1. wow those pics are gorgeous!!! Love love love!

  2. yours are going a lot lot better than mine!

  3. yes they are SO lovely. really fabulous work with the lighting in the second shot especially! :)

  4. Ah, I remember learning those verb tenses, years ago! Enjoying all your beautiful photography here...

  5. These are soooooooooooo fantastic!!! Seriously amazing! I totally know what you mean about telling people how to pose, that is the hardest part for me~ These shots are amazing! :)

  6. ohhh it's a big goal of mine to someday learn french well enough to have a conversation. also, your beach pictures look lovely!

  7. I want to take a photography class, and your post is
    making me look into it!

  8. Okay, maybe I understand, it's just a reminder, yes?
    Sorry for my stubborness, but I see other bloggers who say, I "have to" read n....books this years, or stuff like this, your goals make sense ;)


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