Sunday, March 28, 2010

the coolest school i've ever seen. i wanna go!

yesterday i was lucky enough to attend an open house at a school in cannes, which specializes in fashion and costume design.  (i met a few of the students at a party a couple months ago)
i was in awe, inspired and in love.  i want to go here!
it's a regular high school, but also has prep school level, for university level classes.
the displays of their work were impeccable.  each class project had a theme to inspire the work.
 romantic white
could you imagine if this was your classroom! <3
children's summer dresses
this was an interesting tradition i've never heard before.  in the fashion world, on nov 25, unmarried women over 25 make and wear a headpiece.  (sorry they told the story in french, i may have missed some more details.) if you know any more of the history, please let me know!
candy and baked goods inspire corsets
the cupcake corsets!
t-shirts inspired by human anatomy - hearts, skeletons, spines, pregnancy, muscle tissue.

i thought this muscle one was incredible! my fave.

marina demonstrates a tee, the heart has a pump attached so it inflates and deflates with beats!
love the back of the peach dress.
virginie has a fitting in her creation. they have made the dresses first with muslin, as replicates of dresses from famous paintings, complete with corsets, bloomers and the works.
cleo shows her work.
marina and her dress.  after the patterns are finalized, they will remake the dress again, using recycled materials!
 we're trying to organize a photoshoot for when the dresses are finished! i'm really hoping it works out, they are due only days before i have to leave france!

 they have a store!

i wish this was my closet.

lights in the halls are looong dresses.
some randomness above the main office.

such a magical place!


  1. great photos! Imagine a school like that?! Nothing like that in Canada that's for sure!

  2. Wow wow wow! Love it!!! Especially the corsets, they're so cute :D

  3. amazing! I want to go here! :)

  4. thanks for stopping by my blog. yes, i currently have 2.5 jobs and one of them is an art teacher for a local middle school. choosing books by their covers always seems to work out best.

    i love your photographs. i'll be stopping by your blog regularly. :)


  5. SO very pretty.
    i have NEVER seen a school like that anywhere. . . i guess only in France! ;)

  6. I want to go to this school!!!
    From Carys of La Ville Inconnue

  7. wow wow WOW!
    amazing work.
    especially the anatomy t-shirts - LOVE!

  8. this is absolutely gorgeous!! my school had cool projects too, but nothing like these!!

  9. What a great and inspiring school to attend. Wish I was there. the photo's need no words. They are self-explanatory

  10. Looks amazing! I am loving your blog! I am doing a photo mashup in the month of April and would love for you to join... please let me know if you are interested! Have a fab day!

  11. wow, cool school. Very pretty and unique designs. I've never been to Cannes, sounds fabulous.

  12. oh wow!! what an amazing school. The thing about the unmarried women over 25 wearing hats is for St Catherine's day, i learnt about it in my french lessons. it is customary for unmarried women to pray for husbands, and to honor women who've reached 25 years of age but haven't married -- called "Catherinettes" Catherinettes send postcards to each other, and friends of the Catherinettes make hats for them -- traditionally using the colors yellow (faith) and green (wisdom), often outrageous -- and crown them for the day. Pilgrimage is made to St. Catherine's statue, and she is asked to intercede in finding husbands for the unmarried lest they "don St. Catherine's bonnet" and become spinsters. The Catherinettes are supposed to wear the hat all day long. Because of this hat-wearing custom, French milliners have big parades to show off their wares on this day.

    Amelia of La Ville Inconnue

  13. wow! What beautiful and unique creations!!! The muscle shirt is lovely.

  14. Hey! I need your e-mail address so I can send you picture mashup info! You can comment on my blog or just e-mail me -
    Thanks hon!

  15. oh my goodness!
    what a beautiful place.
    so excited for you that you got to visit.

  16. This place looks amazing! At one time I dreamed of designing my own stuff but then I took a day of classes at the local university and I decided I couldn't stand to stay in a class room full of barbie doll look-a-like girls that were all somewhat valley girlish.... I wanted to pull my hair out. That would be amazing to go go to school there!

  17. I was so enchanted with the first photo, but now I am determined to recreate that white tshirt! It's gorgeous... I can't comprehend a school like this. I'm still reeling!!! x

  18. you are so right-that school looks AMAZING!

  19. That's so amazing!! I wish something like this existed when I was young. We didn't even have art classes in my high school so I never knew I wanted to be an artist until my mid-20's. I'm so psyched for kids to get to experience art and design at a young age.

  20. wow that place looks amazing!!

  21. OH WOW!!!
    this is awesome!!
    so many cool things at this school.
    the anatomy shirts are straight up CRAZZY!!! and i'm loving the CNN necklace bling.. haha too funny!

  22. Oh man I loved looking at all the pictures. I probably scrolled up/down 5 times. Such a different environment for a "school" but I love it!

  23. oh my gosh!!this is heaven, so amazing...i wish it was my school
    really enjoyed this post thanks heaps

  24. UMMMMMMMM you just BLEW MY MIND! I want to go there! The human anatomy just.... blew me away. Those are GORGEOUS... you're going to think this is weird probably, but I got chills when I saw the anatomy display. idk why. haha This is magnificent! Do you care if I borrow some of your photos (and credit you of course) and blog about my reaction to the designs? Comment back and let me know!

  25. wow! this is amazing. your photography is beautiful.

  26. Cool photos! Thanks for sharing them, very inspiring!

    As for working on cruise ships, I have been to some amazing places while being able to do the job that I love so it's great. But living on a ship is very different for living on land. I wrote about it in my blog post "did you know' if you want to know more ;-)

  27. Hi, nice to meet you :). This school looks AMAZING! Those dessert inspire corsets are insanely gorgeous!

  28. I think this is where fashionista's die and go to fashion heaven. FABULOUS!

  29. Um amazing!! I can't believe this place exists. What talented people!

  30. wow, that is a high school?! their work is incredible! the set up is incredible! the dresses as lights in the entry, incredible!!

    your pictures are amazing also. Gosh, i want to go and wander those halls :)

  31. all I can say is WOW! look at all those AMAZING pieces! and you captured them so well...


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