Wednesday, December 9, 2009

2 x 11 by 2011

I've been inspired by the lists of some fellow bloggers lately, and because I'm 2 months late in beginning a '27 by 28th birthday' list, I've come up with 22 things I'd like to accomplish by 2011.  A tad over a year to do it. Some are loftier goals than others, many are quite simple, but things that I really just want to do :)  This is my first shot at any kind of 'typography' - I know its not perfect, but it was fun, and I like it as my new computer wallpaper.   I will of course, update as I accomplish any tasks, and share my progress of the attempts.   The list in plain text is as follows, in no particular order:

1. open an etsy shop to sell jewelry/photos
2. learn french well enough to have an entire conversation with my grandma & apply for bilingual jobs
3. get accepted to a stock photo site
4. blog everyday for 10 days straight
5. post a worthy photo to flickr everyday for 21 days
6. have a mini book club with steve (maybe 1984)
7. plan a nice surprise for my mom's 50th birthday
8. make rainbow cupcakes and waffle cookies
9.master the use of photographic flash
10. long hair again for a bit - be good at more than 1 style, ha ha
11. portfolio building preplanned photoshoots
12. enter a scrapbooking challenge or design call
13. make a facebook fan page for my photography
14. visit the U.K. and Germany
15. invest in a new canon lens
16. learn how to screenprint
17. open a retirement savings account (and contribute)
18. take up yoga again
19. organize my harddrives
20. learn to appreciate wine or at least like it a little
21. discover 12 new musicians to love
22. host a dinner party with cindy

If you have a list, or any new years resolutions, I'd love to hear of them!


  1. 6: I was telling this we should do this with a few people if we could find anyone that was interested. Looks like you and Steve would have been contenders. The Atlantic gets in the way AGAIN!
    9. I'd like to do that too.
    11. Ditto.
    13. I'd join.
    17. Did it two months ago. I try not to look at the balance because I think it's actually going down despite my contributions. Over time (40 years) it had better go up.
    20. You are in France. I expect you and Steve to return as full-force wine snobs. "What is this swill? Merlot?! Sacre bleu!"
    22. Which Cindy? MY Cindy?! I'd better be invited.

  2. I love your list. It seems achievable. Best wishes with that.

  3. Hi Mel! Haven't visited you in a long time... are you in France right now? Thanks for your sweet comment on my blog! I promise to stop by at your blog more often from now on, 'cause I love to read the stories (and see photo's of the "photoboot") and of course I have to check if you will achieve your goals... ;);) Love your typographic page!

  4. Mr. Knave:
    -The book club can definitely wait until we get back on your side of the ocean. BMV will play an integral role.
    -I have actually come to like French rose, and am working on red. They have an incredible cider which i have discovered lately, and it will be the official wine of the holiday season. although the vin chaud is pretty damn good too.
    -yes the dinner party is with your cindy! we had initially said the goal would be to make a challenging dish of some sort, but then we couldn't choose just one, so a dinner party it is!
    expect some culinary feats of strength - perhaps a souffle, de-boned chicken, or puff pastry.
    we'll let you know when.

  5. I hope you achieve everything on your list. I love your photos, so I'm sure photography related things won't be a problem. I started on 18 a few weeks ago. My goal for next year is to continue.

    Thanks for stopping by my blog by the way! I would take Nice, France any day over Norway, if for no reason but because I actually speak the language (along with the food, which from what I gather Norwegians don't really fancy, wine and everything else). I actually studied French for four years, and my mom was a French major and visited France numerous times. My other resolution next year is to visit Paris!

  6. wow awesome list! cant wait to see your etsy shop. this is my first time to your blog(from elsies blog) but good luck with French! I LOVE wine, its alot of fun learning about it, i think knowing about how they make it, and how they get different flavors and stuff makes you apreciate it that much more. Alot of ppl make fun about being a "wino" and stuff. but they just don't understand. A book club sounds like alot of fun.

  7. What an awesome list!!! I think it's great way to start out the year, not trying to tackle some huge monumental task, but to accomplish a lot of little steps along the way.

    Let me know if you need any help with learning to love wine... I think I can help you with that!


  8. Added your list to my blog :) I really do hope sewing comes easy to me. Thanks for the sweet comment :)Following your blog now, so super cute :D

  9. I absolutely love your photos. You are so talented! Good luck on your goals!


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