Thursday, April 1, 2010

Bon poisson d'avril!

happy "April Fish" if you translate it directly...
today in france is similar to april fool's day in north america, with tricks and jokes
but they also have a cute tradition that we don't!
i'm not sure on the history of the fish - children will cut out fish shapes and tape them on each others backs with jokes, teasing remarks, etc. on them.  
i asked my high school students if they do anything and yes, they will sneak notes onto people's backs in a not-so-pleasant and more-like-high-school manner. not so cute.
fill in the blank - i am _______.

at the end of the day i noticed a little fish fall to the floor, facedown.
uh oh.  i don't work with cute little gradeschoolers!
but look!
"i am beautiful." awww! i was so excited!

it may relate to what i was originally going to post today...?
i love seeing other people's wardrobe posts, and this is a little bit DIY too.
i bought this little shirt at a thrift store - totally vintage, a bit ho-hum...
so i changed the buttons and it got some drama ;)
which took 10 minutes and was entirely worth it.
 love my floral tights :)
shopping stats: necklace, shirt, buttons - thrifted in france
headband - dollarama, lol.  skirt - joe fresh (love!)
boots - L&B (france.) belt - Mim (france.)
tights - random corner shop in cannes that used to be a candy shop, was an accessories place for a couple months, then luggage and is now under construction. 
yes, i have only been here since september.

anyway, that's what i wore today.
hope you had a happy 1st of april!


  1. just lovely! i saw a few other "fishy" posts wondering the origin, nice to know where it came from! i love your sweat and those TIGHTS! just fabulous. happy april :)

  2. Wow, it really does make so much difference! I really like your outfit, your tights are so nice!
    From Carys of La Ville Inconnue

  3. I used to do the "poisson" thing when I was little! Kids like to play tricks on the grown up in France during the day!

    Love the outfit! Very cute! xxx

  4. I remember learning about this day in my high school French class but totally forgot about it until I read this! Thanks for posting! Bon poisson d'avril to you too! :)

  5. how sweet! and what you did with that cardi is amazing- looks fantastic!

  6. Amazing vintage style you have I love the light color!! And the lovely flower and the colors black is my favorite color I don’t wear it to much!! But I sure do love it♥

  7. oh gosh the little fish made me smile- how sweet of them to do that!!!!!

  8. thanks for the compliments ladies!

  9. I super love the tights! Wish i could wear them here in Singapore, but it's just so hot!


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