Friday, February 12, 2016

99 days to go... eeep!

A few days ago my office mate was kind (?) enough to add a countdown to the calendar in our office. Just 99 days to go until Steve and I get married!
There are so so many things to plan for a wedding, and while we've finished the big things, it feels like we still have a gazillion things to do.
The more decisions I have to make, the more I just default to throwing the coolest party I can imagine.  I am excited about some of our choices so far. 

Our caterer will be Barque - a local smokehouse BBQ restaurant.   I mean...ribs!  

We booked Dallas Curow as our photographer. She has such a great eye for light and for capturing genuine moments.  I'm really excited to see what she captures from the big day.  
Isn't this gorgeous?

I sent out save the dates in November, which I designed and then made with custom stamps and blank coasters.  I have another DIY project planned with the coasters for the wedding itself, so stay tuned!

I half have my dress.  I bought the fabric for it when we were in Vancouver this past summer and am getting my neighbourhood seamstress to make a dress for me. 

We are going for a monochromatic blue colour scheme, so my lovely bridesmaids will be choosing short blue dresses.  I've been pinning all the blue dresses I can find :)

Invitations are at the top of my to do list for this weekend.  I'll be making them myself and need to design them stat! 

On that note - I should get to it! Talk soon!

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