Thursday, February 14, 2013

30 Best Moments & Memories so far

Do you remember when I started this 30 lists idea, which was supposed to lead up to my birthday?
This was the post that was supposed to be posted on my birthday - Oct 4.
I have come to hate this project.  haha.
But at least this is the last of it, and I can be freed from the limiting idea that I have to make my next blog post another list about something.  Never again.

Here are my 30 most memorable moments, in no particular order.  There are definitely more, but 30 will do.

Waking up at 3am to watch a meteor shower with my mom in high school.  It was so incredible we lost count of the shooting stars.

Seeing the endless fields of tulips in Holland in the spring.

Having my crush in 4th grade give me a valentine that said "I like you."

Taking my first trip alone to visit my cousin Jocelyn in Toronto.

Film night with my graduating class - watching all of our hard work.

When my Dad made me a dollhouse by hand and left it bare for me to decorate.

Yelling from the top of the mountain in TBay with Shannon.

Swimming in an ocean for the first time - salty!

Best meal of my life at a cafe in Nice, with Marina, Katie & Caitlin who all shared each dish.

Puddle jumping with my sister after a big rain storm.

Dressing up our family cat in a mini sombrero.

Whenever I left my Mama & Papa's house they'd blow kisses out the living room window.

Having a snowball fight in July with all my high school friends.

Laughing so hard with Heather than our abs hurt for days later.  Couldn't breathe.

Rainbow Brite bedding was my birthday gift at 3 years old.

Overcoming my shyness and performing in a play with new friends.

Getting into the club in Cannes by acting like we belonged there.

Driving around town with Lori just to take silly pictures of each other.

Dancing to Sandstorm with Pat & Braydan at my high school grad.

Tasting gelato for the first time in Venice.  

When my little sister was born, my Mama took me and my brother out and spoiled us all day.  We got teddy bears and then got to meet our new sibling.

Making a video of my brother and his friend sledding on GT snow racers.

My first Canada Day with Steve.

Going to Lilith Fair and sneaking up to the front row of 30 000 people.

Being at a live SNL broadcast was the best magic show I've ever seen.

Running through Paris with my Mom, sis & cousin to see the Eiffel Tower as it lit up.

Making silly faces with my Dad on the red carpet when he came to visit me in Cannes.

The year that it snowed so much my cousins and I could climb on house rooftops and have a giant snowball fight.

On my first day at a new school, 3 girls came up to me and said "we'll be your friends."  One of them is still a close friend almost 25 years later.

The water fight in which my Papa took the garden hose inside to get all the rest of us.

Ahh this makes me smile.  I'm going to have to scrapbook this :)


  1. What amazing memories. I think a contracts is in order.

  2. I absolutely LOVE this idea. So great to focus on the intimate memories - and the little things that are so often forgotten. Would it be alright if I played along when I turn 25 this year? (in December) Of course a link back is in order. (btw - stopping by via Jadyn's Dutch British Love Inspiring Blog post)


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