Thursday, February 14, 2013

To less.

I mentioned a few posts ago that my motto for 2013 is "All you need is Less."
As a part of that idea, I decided yesterday that I would give up shopping for lent.

It's not that I'm religious these days (tho I was raised Catholic) but yesterday I was thinking about how as a kid we would give up something for lent.  Lent is 40 days long and ends at Easter.

So essentially, I'm giving up shopping for the next 40 days.
Not buying anything that isn't going to keep me alive.
Food is okay.
But stopping in at Forever 21 or Winners on the way home from work to see what's new, picking up a new cute shade of nail polish, thrifting a new vintage pin, buying a magazine because I'm bored - those are not going to happen for 40 days.

Maybe to you this doesn't seem difficult at all, but I personally identify a bit too much with the main character from the Shopaholic novels.  Even today, as I have the day off and try to decide what to do, the first things that pop into my head are strolling down cool streets in the city and shopping.
Already my email inbox has been filled with multiple coupons and announcements of sales this weekend.

Instead, I'm going to spend time sorting through the things in my apartment and getting rid of what I don't need.  I'm going to:
- try on all the items in my closet and get rid the ones that don't make me feel fantastic.
- tackle the bathroom cabinets and give away all of the soaps, gels & creams that I don't like.
- donate the books that are collecting dust
- throw out worn out socks
- copy my cds to itunes and trade the discs in
- sort through craft supplies and keep only what I'll use
- and sort through whatever else comes up

I am excited to beat this challenge.  I'm excited that it will help me save money for my trip to Japan in April, and that in general it will help me gain perspective and become less of a consumer.
I plan to fill the shopping-less void with more crafts, homemade foods, and adventures in the city. 

Are you giving anything up in the next while? Have any goals that you're trying to beat?


  1. Such a good idea! and HARD!

    What about things like going out for drinks? I feel like so much of my social life revolves around spending money (going shopping with friends, thrifting together, etc)

    thanks for the shout out on your other post. We still need to get together for drinks!! Have a great weekend :)

    1. So far I'm not cancelling out going out with friends. But yes, a lot of my girl time has traditionally been about going thrifting, etc. I need to find alternatives - free art galleries, museums, even spending money on going to a play or movie is different than coming home with another unnecessary shopping bag. I don't want to be drowning in stuff.

  2. Oh I like what you're giving up for lent. I think we're in the same boat - I went to a Catholic school and all, but I don't take religion / lent too seriously. I really like what you've chosen. This past year I'm so, so, so conscious of how much stuff we have. I've given away so much stuff, I'm starting to feel more calm in our apartment. It's amazing how I feel suffocated if I have too much.

    I'm giving up swearing for lent. It's working out okay, strangely. On my first day though all the change from my purse ended up dons le swear jar.

  3. Just stopping by to let you know I awarded you the liebster blog award.

  4. Great idea to give up shopping! I usually don't do lent, but my sister is giving up TV for Lent this year - brave girl. :) I think it's great to give up something to make you more aware of that area in your life. At the moment, I am trying to just be a little more mindful of how I spend my time while trying to adjust to having a little baby to take care of - for a little while I was watching too much Netfix (TV is my weakness too, it runs in the family :) ) but I'm trying to give myself back some creative time.


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