Thursday, February 14, 2013

29 Jobs Things on my Resume at one time or another


 1.  My first job was for my grandparents, helping them with their mobile car-washing company on Saturdays.
 2.  Flower Shop assistant
 3.  Grocery Store cashier & deli counter clerk
 4.  At an industrial dry cleaning service - hotel sheets and giant presses
 5.  Northern Reflections - yes those kitten sweatshirts  *sigh
 6.  Student newspaper the Opus - staff writer & photographer
 7.  Local theatre box office sales
 8.  UPS store (2 months - hated it)
 9.  Assistant Editor - NFB documentary Letters From Karelia, on the IMDB for that one
10.  Community Outreach Worker at a legal office one summer
11.  Tax season help at an accounting firm
12.  Photography store salesperson
13.  Hair dressing assistant - lasted 2 weeks, washing people's hair is too weird
14.  Queens University bookstore - in charge of school merch
15.  HMV - music trivia pro from 2005-2008
16.  Editor of the doc Dorothea Mitchell: Reel Pioneer
17.  Babysitter
18.  Instructor at a youth filmmaking workshop series (see also: babysitter)
19.  Assistant Wedding Photographer
20.  Costumer for the film Under the Red Star
21.  Coordinator/Founder/Camp Counsellor for Revolution Girl Style summer camps for improving the self-esteem of girls
22. Language Assistant at a high school in Cannes, France - teaching English
23. Sound recordist for a series on body image with Lakehead University
24. Scrapbooker at the Urban Scrapyard in Toronto
25. Gate Scanning Supervisor for the Toronto International Film Festival
26.  Photographer - portraits & weddings
27.  Etsy shop owner
28.  Assistant Commercial Photographer
29.  Paper/scrapbook store cashier

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  1. Sappiness warning ...

    The first comment you made on my site was on a pair of pyjamas I blogged and had just bought that reminded me of Northern Getaway. Is it sad that I remember that?!


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