Monday, October 29, 2012

Count to 30 - #22. Worries.

22 Things that make me worry.  Some warranted, others not so much.

 1.  Friends living in hurricane warning areas - stay safe!
 2.  Money, unfortunately. Blah.
 3.  Did I turn off the oven/curling iron/etc. before leaving the house?
 4.  If I walk too close to the edge of the subway platform that'll trip and fall over the edge.
 5.  That I am becoming forgetful.
 6.  That I am becoming forgetful.
 7.  Parkinson's disease might be hereditary and someone else in my family might get it.
 8.  I have a midterm next week, it's my first in about 10 years.
 9.  That one of the other apartments in my building will have a fire. 
10.  Visible panty lines.  lol.
11.  That my hair will be really thin as I age.
12.  The thought of burning cookies when I bake.
13.  That people won't have enough to eat when they come over.
14.  I can't find my high school yearbooks.  Hopefully not lost in a move.
15.  I might need glasses someday.  Which I wouldn't mind wearing, but don't want to buy.
16.  Someone will give me a Christmas gift and I didn't get them anything. Awkward.
17.  When I have to drive, I worry more than any other time. 
18.  I don't want to forget any of my favourite life moments.  Enter scrapbooking & a blog.
19.  Losing things from my purse - keys, camera, phone, wallet...
20.  Becoming a hoarder.  Though I actively am trying not to.
21.  If I try speaking in another language that I will slip up and greatly offend someone like the way it happens in the movies.
22.  Noses and ears never stop growing.  I really don't like that.

Thankfully I don't have to deal with all of these worries on a daily basis.  They take turns, and some really aren't worrisome at all. 
Are there any things that you worry or 'worry' about?


  1. I've actually got a lot of the same daily worries. When I lived in Toronto, #4 was a constant issue. (Though oddly enough, when I visited this summer it wasn't nearly as bad...)

    It seems that your fear of losing/forgetting moments has helped you creatively, though - you've definitely captured a lot of them beautifully over the years.

    1. #4 is mostly just a fear because of my own track record of klutz-i-ness. Best just walk near the wall ;)

    2. Heh, right there with ya, Mel. I managed to trip myself getting off of a chair at work. Best not to mess around with electrified rails. ;)

  2. Oh god, there are so many of these I agree with. Leaving home with something accidentally left on, another apartment in my block going on fire, VPL, becoming a hoarder - big time worry about this. I think it's because I've moved so many times that I worry I've become attached to too much stuff and when it's time to move again, I'll have to cull a lot.

    I also worry about my cats. Especially if we go for a weekend away. Which leads to worries of neighbours' apartment burning. It's a vicious cycle. But I feel more normal knowing I'm not the only one :)


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