Sunday, October 28, 2012

Count to 30 - #21. Costumes.

I know this list thing has been going for a while... but I need to finish this!

Here are 21 couple costume ideas.  Some I've used, others not yet.

 1.  pirate and mermaid
 2.  April & a Ninja Turtle
 3.  Bonnie & Clyde
 4.  Velma and Scooby Doo
 5.  Kermit & Miss Piggy
 6.  Willy Wonka & an Oompa Loompa
 7.  Peter Pan & Tinkerbell
 8.  Spy vs Spy
 9.  Woody & Buzz Lightyear
10.  Dorothy and a tornado
11.  Romeo & Juliet
12.  Marty McFly & Doc Brown
13.  Lucy & Ricky from I Love Lucy
14.  Kickass & Hit Girl
15.  Medusa & man made of stone
16.  Candyland characters
17.  Red Riding Hood & Big Bad Wolf
18.  George & Judy Jetson
19.  Katniss & Peeta (cool facepaint for him)
20.  Carl & kid from Up
21.  Our costume this year:
Indiana Jones and the boulder
This costume was a lot of fun.  It got extra funny when Steve and I were split apart at the party.  People guessed he was all kinds of things, from honey-glazed Timbit to a moldy falafel.  Any of those work really. It's too bad the foam didn't last for it to be reused next year.  ;)

(I made Steve's costume using a hot of hot glue and carpet underlay foam from the Home Depot, then paint and spider webbing.  Mine is a mix of pieces from outlet stores and a black dollar store hat which I painted. )

Hope you had/have a great Halloween!  That's it for us with this party, and maybe seeing some trick-or-treaters in the building lobby on Wednesday.
What are you up to?  What's your costume?


  1. My vote for next time definitely goes to Medusa and a man made of stone. If anyone can make that as fun, clever and artistic as it deserves, it's you two. :)

    (But if you ever do the TMNT costumes, Steve should definitely be Donatello.)

    1. Noted! Though I think next year's are already on deck, just not a couple costume. (Steve as the masked dude from Boardwalk Empire, & I might be Carmen Miranda - unless we have a great idea before then)

  2. i really want to do the indiana jones and boulder costume but I'm having difficulty on the boulder, can you please tell me how you made yours? ><

    1. Hi Kay, I'm sorry I haven't checked the blog in ages. I hope you were able to do it! I think I had made 6 petal shapes out of the carpet underlay and then hot glued them together to make the sphere.


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