Thursday, October 18, 2012

Count to 30 - #20. TV

Life has been so busy lately!
I hope it's going well for you.

Here's my top 20 TV shows in my life.  Some are obviously childhood faves.
No particular order, except #1 because I've been addicted to it since the first trailer for it aired.

 1.  Mad Men 
 2.  Craft Corner Deathmatch
Ok so this is the 2nd best TV show ever.  It was very short lived and hard to find in Canada, but Jason Jones (now of the Daily Show) made this the funniest most awesome thing on television.  Seriously, just watch the first 3 minutes of this episode and not get hooked.

Craft Corner Deathmatch 110 from Idiot Box on Vimeo.
I'm going to rewatch all of these now.
 3.  Community
 4.  Seinfeld
 5.  New Girl
 6.  Pushing Daisies (apparently this is being rebooted!??)
 7.  Fresh Prince of Bel Air
 8.  Bill Nye the Science Guy
 9.  The Animaniacs
10.  Extras
11.  Scrubs
12.  Lois & Clark - Dean Cain was so dreamy!
13.  Masterchef (tho this could be half the run time if they took out all the recaps)
14.  Scrubs
15.  The Muppets Tonight
16.  Muppet Babies
17.  Greys Anatomy for the first two seasons
18.  Boy Meets World - TGIF :)
19.  Jeopardy
20.  Sesame Street

Apparently Jim Henson and slightly offbeat soon to be cancelled shows make my tv watching heart swoon.   What are your faves?

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  1. Agreed on the recaps. They do that on all reality type shows and it drives me absolutely nutso!


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