Monday, October 8, 2012

Count to 30 - #19. Birthday!

I turned 30 on Thursday, and here are 19 fave things about my birthday weekend.

1.  My waffle and strawberry breakfast that Steve 'made' me.

2.  Steve got me a new purse-sized camera for my birthday and it's awesome.

3.  I had the day off and some birthday $ to spend, so I went to Winners.  The shopping goddesses must have known it was my birthday because everything in the change room fit, except for one red dress that I really liked, haha.  Never perfect.  Anyway, it took me about half an hour to narrow down what I should buy, and I got this gorgeous blue coat and a new top to wear to dinner.
Steve Madden coat came home, red dress did not.
4.  I spent the afternoon with a mini spa at home.  I dyed my hair and relaxed.

5.  My mom kept emailing me throughout the day about what was happening 30 years ago.
I was born at 2:18 pm on Monday October 4th.  3 weeks premature, but a half hour later they were relieved to hear I was totally healthy.

6.  I love getting cards in the mail :)

7.  My fave food is crab, and Red Lobster is the only reasonable place in Toronto that we can find that has it, so we went for dinner there.
New shirt and clean hands - pre-crab feast. 
8.  We were joined by my fave friends :)

9.  I got free strawberry cheesecake from our very nice waiter and a hilarious round of Happy Birthday from friends, wait staff and other people in the restaurant.

10. And we closed down Red Lobster, then went to a pub.
This photo makes me laugh.
11. My new boots (also from Winners and also blue) were good to me for the first 7 hours of the night before destroying my feet on the walk home.

12.  I am still enjoying my birthday flowers.

13. The next night Steve and I went to see Matt and Kim in concert.  It was amazing.  I have never been to such a fun, happy concert. They are the cutest band alive.

14.  The power in the club went out during a song and the crowd sang the rest.  *swoon.  Then they played a few songs in the dark via keyboard battery and drums. 

15.  My birthday this year was on the same weekend as Thanksgiving, so I also got to celebrate that.   I baked some ginger molasses cookies and mini pecan pies on Saturday.  I had never made a pecan pie before and they turned out to be delish.

16.  I spent some time in the afternoon doing DIY projects to spruce up the apartment.

17.  Thanksgiving weekend also meant that for a 3rd night in a row, Steve and I were out partying.  Thankful for the company of great people and 25 different food choices!

18.  Yesterday I was able to sleep in and printed a ton of pictures. 

19.  Today I get to do whatever I want, which will involve scrapbooking all of this in my project life albums and maybe cleaning the apartment.

It's been a wonderful weekend!


  1. Happy belated birthday! And Happy Thanksgiving too :) Those waffles look amazing, and I'm totally in love with your blue boots!


  2. Happy Birthday! Sounds like it was an extra special weekend :)

  3. Glad you had an awesome birthday! Wish I could've been there to celebrate.

    The blue coat looks awesome, btw. And I am immensely jealous that you saw Matt & Kim!

  4. It seems like your had a fantastic Birthday. What a great way to spend your "turning 30 day". Happy Belated Birthday Mel.


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