Monday, September 3, 2012

Our First Fake Prom

On an outing to Kensington Market a few weeks ago, I found a postcard advertising for Fake Prom 2012.  Elizabeth was there, and we decided we needed to go.
It took a little coaxing, but the guys did join us as well. ;)

I had no idea that for the past 10 years this event has been happening in Toronto.  It started out as a theme night a guy threw at Sneaky Dee's and has grown to become 1000 people dressed up in a rented ballroom, Palais Royale.  It was a blast.
We had no idea what to expect.  This year's theme was Enchantment Under the Sea.  The website had photos from Marty's parent's prom in Back to the Future.  So we dressed a bit retro and posed for some self-timer shots in my apt lobby.
 When we got to the venue, we discovered it was even cooler than we'd expected.  They had under the sea decorations and photobooths, and people were dressed in ocean costumes! There were jellyfish, mermaids, pirates, crabs, the Titanic, King Tritan, Team Zissou, and fish!
(I don't like taking pictures of strangers without consent, so if you want to see some use #fakeprom and search instagram.  The official event pics aren't up yet...)
There were 2 dj's and a live band.  It was so much fun to have on a random Friday night!
And only $20! I hope someone else picks up the reigns to organize another in the future. 
When was your last prom? 


  1. This happens in TORONTO? Nooo way I'm so jealous, I gotta look into this for next year !!!


  2. This is the coolest thing.

    Very stylin', gang!

  3. This post is so great on so many levels! Xo


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