Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Count to 30 - #1.

I realized today that my birthday is 30 days away.  My 30th birthday.  Eeek!
I've also been wanting to blog more, and so 30 lists in 30 days is about to begin.
The posts won't be very photo heavy, but if you read along you'll get to know me a lot better.
The count to 30 begins!

List 1.

A list of one item is surprisingly difficult to write. In fact I'm completely stumped.  haha.
I'll just tell you about my day/the one biggest thing on my mind.

The Toronto International Film Festival starts tomorrow and I'm excited!!
I can't decide what to wear. 
I'll be working from 7am to 8pm and then hopefully have the energy to stop in at the Opening Night Party.  Who am I kidding, when would I ever get that chance again?

I picked up my tickets for the films I'm going to see, I'm really excited for these.

As an employee I can also attend screenings that are scheduled for the press, so I might even get to see more.  We'll see how all my 7 am workdays go. 
If you want the scoop as it happens, I'm on instagram - melgodecki

Is there one thing that's on your mind that you're preoccupied with?
I do actually have a list of 2 for tomorrow, see you then!

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  1. I have a huge essay due tomorrow that is keeping me preoccupied. Not nearly as interesting as the film festival! How exciting that you get to work there!! It sounds like it will be crazy hectic but also totally worth it!!


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