Friday, August 24, 2012


Life lately has been a bit all over the place.
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I've been awake before the sun to leave for work a couple times.  It's a lot easier to get out of bed when the golden rays of sunshine bounce around you.   Waking up in darkness reminds me of winter.  I hate that about winter, probably more than cold+snow+frostbite combined.

I got a job working for the Toronto International Film Festival (TIFF).  I've done some training and worked one shift so far.  The people are great, as are the perks.  I am hoping to see some majorly swoonable leading men - Brad Pitt, Matt Damon, Johnny Depp, George Clooney, Joseph Gordon Levitt and Ryan Gosling.  Oh, and there will be hundreds of amazing films playing, yes.  ;)

Tonight Steve and I and another fab couple are going to Fake Prom.  This is the first year we've known about it, but sadly the last year they'll be organizing one.  The theme is Enchantment Under the Sea.  I'm sure I'll take a million pictures, don't you worry :)

JoTotes clearly wants all of my money.  They just announced the Betsy bag in teal.
I have this camera bag in brown already and it's a great size for walking around with an SLR, lens, or two and all of your own wallet, keys, gum, etc.  I use it every time I fly on a plane because it fits nicely at my feet.  And no one comes up to you asking "What do you shoot with?" Because they don't assume it's a camera bag.  Which is nice.
(They're not paying me to say any of this, I'm just trying to justify buying it in another colour.)

That's my quick little update on life lately.  Work, sleep, eat, work.
It's a scribble-filled day planner and unending to-do list, but a good time.
Ciao for now.


  1. This morning was the first morning I noticed how dark it was when I got up, but I find this exciting since it reminds me autumn is just around the corner. My favourite season is probably autumn. It reminds me so much of Canada, but it doesn't last very long here. Just gets crappy and rains more.

    If you ever get to meet Ryan Reynolds or Jeff Bridges, my jealousy will be palpable.

    p.s. The fuschia dress you wore to the wedding is just flat out adorable.

  2. waking up and leaving before it's light out is so hard! that's one reason I don't like winter! and fake prom? that sounds awesome!

  3. If they're calling it the Enchantment Under the Sea dance, I think they're legally required to play "Johnny B. Goode".

  4. I hate days when I have to be at work early and it's dark when I leave. It throws me off for the whole day!

  5. ACK! I have that bag already too, but wow, teal . . . . oh the urge to click and buy!

  6. Good luck seeing all those cute men! I'm sure that will be a lot of fun. ;)


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