Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Count to 30 - #8

I'm turning 30 soon - and making lists.  Here's 8.
Bill Watterson is a genius.
8 Hobbies

1. Scrapbooking is the one in the forefront right now.  I'm hooked, doing Project Life and loving it. 

2.  Jewelry making.  I don't make my own jewelry enough any more, but shopping for pretty beads, etc is really fun.  I want to host a crafty day soon.  If you're in Toronto would you come?

3. Thrift shopping.  The thrill of finding a treasure is blissful.  If I had to rank fave places to thrift it would be: yard sales, Goodwill stores, flea markets, antique shops.

4.  Sewing.  I also don't do this often enough.  In the past few years its been mostly just for photo shoot props and Halloween costumes.  I did make all of my dance/prom/grad dresses in high school.

5.  Reading.  I read before going to sleep and on the subway on the way to work.  Lately I've read a lot of old favourites, which will be a list later this week.

6.  Dancing.  I relish the time I have alone in the apartment with music blaring and nothing to do but act like the lead in a chick flick, dancing around like an idiot.  I used to take ballroom dancing classes, which I loved and have been trying to convince Steve to take since we started dating.  He's more of a concert fellow.

7.  Baking.  I have a terrible sweet tooth, so sometimes I have to stop from practicing this hobby to save my waistline.   I have yet to try making French macarons, but they are the next challenge.

8.  Walking.  I love taking strolls to explore.  Especially since moving to Toronto, where walking for an hour can take you past so many wonderful places.  And walking with a friend is just the best thing ever. :)

How about you?  What are you hobbies du jour?  Anything you wish you could do?


  1. i love your list :) I just wish i could spend more time at my hobbies, and hubs bought me a crochet starter kit for my bday in august, i really want to learn but havent got round to it yet!!


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