Sunday, September 9, 2012

Count to 30 - #5

I'm about to turn 30, so I'm making 30 lists.  Here is #5.

Cities I've lived in.

1.  Ear Falls, Ontario
When my parents were first married, they moved to a small Northern community for my dad to work in a mine.   The place was so small that they had to drive to nearby Red Lake to get to the hospital when my mom went into labour.
I have no memories of this place, they moved away not so long after I was born.  I would like to see it one day though. They planted a tree when I was born and I'd love to see how much its grown.
My Dad & Papa plant a tree that's the same age as me.
2.  Thunder Bay, Ontario
Thunder Bay is the city that I consider my hometown.  I lived there until I was 25.
At first we lived across the street from my grandparents, which I loved.   Before Grade 2 we moved across the city to a new house, which my parents fixed up and made home for us. 
Here's a shot from my Where's Waldo camera - my brother and I building snow sculptures, and my sister on the far left.
Where's Waldo? Oh wait - in the bottom right. Every time...
We lived in this house until I was 16, when my parents designed and built a house just outside the city.  The house above will always be my favourite.  So many great things happened there. 

3.  Toronto, Ontario
Eventually I headed for the big city.  I shared a house with some friends and stayed for about 8 months in the lovely 'Annex' neighbourhood.  


4.  Kingston, Ontario
Steve & I had been in a long distance relationship for a bit and decided to move in together.  He was studying at Queens University; I moved in with him and his friend Steve.
Annie's one of the best people in Kingston.
Kingston is a beautiful city, but it was short lived.  We found out I was accepted to be a Language Assistant in:

5.  Cannes, France
We packed up everything that would fit in 2 suitcases and sold almost everything else in a yard sale.  Our year in France was incredible and I want to move back someday. 
Actually, I'd take almost any place that has 300 days of sunshine a year... Love it.
Hilltop view in Cannes, France
After our year abroad we spent the summer living in Thunder Bay & then moved to Toronto.
Those are the 5 cities I've lived in for longer than a week ;)

Have you lived in many cities?  Do you like moving?  


  1. So you lived with two Steves? How did that work out - a bit like Banana's in Pyjamas - "Steve 1" and "Steve 2"? Also, love that you moved to Cannes for a year. You must have paid a lot more attention in French class that I did.

    On average, I moved every two years up until the age of ... 25. Down the street, different towns, countries, and continents. It can be exciting, but for the most part it made me feel anxious about feeling 'at home'.

    I cannot wait to move back and I've sneekily begun researching what towns to consider moving to back in Canada. Keep that on the down-low though ;)

    1. Amazing! Which ones are on your list?
      And actually - they both had the same middle name as well - William. We used last names a lot ;)


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