Saturday, September 8, 2012

Count to 30 - #4.

I'm counting to my 30th birthday with a list every day.  Here's #4.

4 Things I love to Collect.

1.  Vintage candy coloured necklaces.
 You can see them in the photo below, out of focus.  I like these because they're often easy to find while thrifting, and never cost much.   I've got the rainbow covered now, so I'll only buy one if it's the perfect length for me or if the beads are a great shape. 

2.  Cameras. 
You probably already know that I love photography.  This would be my smallest collection because the items are large and usually cost a pretty penny.  The camera above is from my grandpa, it was his camera when he moved to Canada in the 1940's.   I recently got it working and shot some film with it, which was awesome.

3.  Vintage Enamel Flower Pins
I mean, look at them.
All thrifted over the past 6-7 years, never bought online, only found surprises at yard sales and good will shops :)

4.  Vintage Womens magazines. 
I don't have a ton of these in a collection either, but I might if I had more space. 
I love looking through magazines from the 40's, 50's and 60's, reading the hair advice, seeing what the fashion trends were, and of course for the old school advertisements.  I've got one framed, it's a Maytag ad that explains "A good washing machine is like a good man."  It should be hard-working but gentle, etc... Too funny.

Do you collect anything?

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