Sunday, September 23, 2012

Count to 30 - #12.

I'm turning 30 soon, so I'm writing 30 lists.  Here's #12.

12 Habits and Peeves

1.  I eat foods in circles.  Like toast, or cookies or sandwiches.  It's habit, but it does have to do with:

2.  When I eat, the last bite has to be the best one.   If I've got turkey, potatoes and peas on my plate I will save a bite of peas for last, because they're the best bite.

3.  I also have a huge sweet tooth, so often the true last bite is dessert.

4.  I always set my alarm to wake up 1 hour before I need to leave the house.  It doesn't take me nearly that long to get ready, but I usually check facebook, emails and read blogs while I eat breakfast.  Often I am nearly late for work because Pinterest had good things.

5.  If I must use a public restroom more than once in an outing (ie 3-4 hour baseball games) I always use the same stall.  It's less germy that way?

6.  Sometimes when I'm bored I count things.  32 books on the bookshelf.  84 stairs to the subway station.  8 blue cars passed while I waited for the bus.

7.  Nails gross me out.  Seeing someone chew their fingernails is the grossest thing in the world to me.

8.  I absolutely hate when dogs jump up on me.  It makes me dislike dogs, truly.  If my future children ever want a dog it will be a Dachshund, because they can't jump. And they're hilarious.

9.  People say "Yeah, yeah, yeah" a lot lately and I find it rude and dismissive.

10.  Chewing noises also gross me out.  I try to chew as silently as possible in case others feel the same.

11. Improper use of there/they're/their and your/you're bug me.  I have yet to call anyone out about it, but secretly inside I cringe every time. 

12.  I have to double check my purse contents after I've left home.  Even if I just packed everything in the bag, I need to confirm that I do have my keys, wallet and phone. 

How about you?  What are your quirks, habits or peeves?


  1. #8 is what makes you and Logan the best of friends. :D

    I actually relate to a lot of these. In the past, I'd have to chew my food in even numbers on either side of my mouth or I'd feel very "off" (though I'm now past this), and my public toilet phobia was a pretty big issue for years.

    And I've visibly grit my teeth at seeing/hearing the kind of grammar mistakes you refer to - to the point where the bad-grammar-user noticed and it was kind of awkward. :\

    1. I gritted my teeth as an automatic response, mind you, not on purpose - I try not to be a dick. ;)


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