Thursday, September 20, 2012

Count to 30 - #11.

I'm turning 30 soon, so I'm writing 30 lists.  Here's #11.

Top Movies.

1.  Amelie. 
This one is the absolute favourite, hands down, I can watch it over & over.

2.  The Life Aquatic with Steve Zissou.
Maybe it's the boat, or the Portuguese David Bowie songs. 

3.  Forrest Gump.
This film blew me away when I watched it for the first time.  The historical footage, the characters, the amazing soundtrack!

4.  Life is Beautiful.
Makes me bawl my eyes out every single time.  Also, Roberto still has the best Oscar acceptance ever.

5.  500 Days of Summer.
A recent addition, it's cute and Joseph Gordon Levitt is priceless.  So sweet.

6.  How the Grinch Stole Christmas. 
ONLY the animated original from the 60's.  I watch it every year.

7. Once.
The best musical film I've ever seen.  Another stunning soundtrack too.

8.  Inception. 
In a world full of sequels, original and exciting films have a place in my heart.

9.  The Dark Knight trilogy.
Sequels that are an exception.  Christopher Nolan is a movie genius.

10.  Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind. 
If you haven't seen this film, watch it this weekend.  And let me know if you'd ever erase memories.  I could never do it. 

11.  The Little Mermaid. 
Best children's movie.  And another great soundtrack.  I am noticing a pattern here...

What's your favourite movie?
Anything you think I should see?


  1. Okay, this is one I can really relate to.

    5. I really like that movie too! It drives fiance crazy though.
    7. Never seen it, but I know that road! You should see it at Christmas, so beautiful all lit up.
    8. With you 100%. I based one of my final Interior Design projects around MC Escher's work and the Inception soundtrack helped a lot. I'm quite proud of that one.
    9. All the way, once again. Excellent, dark sountrack. Not many trilogies managed to keep such a strong standard all the way through.
    10. I find that movie very depressing. Our past is what makes us. I don't think I'd ever erase anything. Even the bad.

  2. Haha, sort of amazing to see a Batman trilogy in your top ten, but you're totally right - Nolan is a master.
    Great picks all around.

  3. I love all those movies. For a long time my favorite movie was Everything Is Illuminated. I don't really have a new favorite to replace it. Maybe it's just cuz I haven't watched it in awhile. *shrugs*. Since your such a visual person (ie photographer) I would highly recommend Baraka. Seriously beautiful.

  4. Also I totally added Once to my que. Tried to add Life is Beautiful but it is already in my que. Probably will be awhile until I get to them but super thanks for the recommendations.


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