Monday, August 13, 2012

Summer Vacation - the Wedding

I can't believe it's almost been a month since I was in Wisconsin for my aunt's wedding. 
Is your summer evaporating like mine has?  If only winters passed by so quickly.
Anywho, about a month ago we flew to our hometown then took a roadtrip to Bayfield, WI. to attend this lovely little wedding.  The weather was perfect and the whole day was a lot of fun.  My aunt made her dress herself, with a little help from me as her fabric shopper.
After the ceremony we walked to a historic hotel where we took some photos and celebrated with champagne.
I know you're dying to know what I wore ;)
It was tricky to figure out what to wear to the chapel/boat cruise/campsite bonfire, but ultimately I think this dress was perfect.  I loved the lace overlay and that it was $29 at Marshall's - score!  The sandals are a couple years old, I bought them in the Netherlands - they have 'jewels' stiched to the top and have a little wedge.

The wedding festivities continued with a cocktail reception on the Superior Princess - a double decker boat.  I was nervous that I'd get motion sick (my life story) but as soon as it got out onto the water it was smooth and a lot of fun.
I was surprised by how our American waitresses made the drinks - my vodka & OJ had OJ just for colour, haha.  It didn't take long for the boat to be rockin!
The sunset on Lake Superior was gorgeous and as the cruise ended we headed to the campground for a giant bonfire and cake.  It was a great, low-key and relaxed wedding.
And I'm so glad Steve could make the trip and hang out with my family too :)
Isn't he handsome?

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  1. Looks like you had a lot of fun! Plus the wedding looked beautiful! My husband and I are looking at Alabama vacation rentals. The search actually came up with a place on a lake that had nightly dinner cruises. After seeing your picture I think that might be the perfect place! Thanks for sharing with us!


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