Sunday, July 22, 2012

Summer Vacation 2012 - 1

My week away was lovely. 
It was busy and jam-packed with activities.  First stop though, was to see my Mama. (grandma)
For about 6-7 years now I've visited her in the summer and taken pictures of her garden. 
This time, when I stopped over at her house she was actually in the backyard trying to take a photo of a bee on one of the flowers. 
The tiger lilies are my favourite.  

Spending time with her in her garden is one of the best things about going to my hometown.
Have you gotten to hang out with your grandma lately?

p.s.  Even though the flowers are similar, you can see last year's garden pics here.


  1. My grandma was always such a gardener, one of my fondest memories of her is when she'd walk me around her garden and point out which flowers I could cut for my bouquet. Lovely photos! Your grandma's smile in the last photo is so so sweet!


    1. That's really sweet. Bouquets from the garden are always so nice :)

  2. Nice catch with the bee picture. All super vibrant, too!


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