Friday, July 27, 2012

Life is Good.

Life is good.
But oh so busy.
Right now it's filled with:
*to-do lists longer than my arm
*guests in from out of town
*more photos to edit than I can count
*job applications
*dentist appointments
*baseball games
*comedy nights
*scrapbook pages
*playing Wii
*making popsicles
and not a lot of blogging.... but no one's reading blogs right now anyway ;)

If you miss me, I'm on instagram - melgodecki
I'll be back with loads of photos when I have time.

Here's this one: Steve and I on Canada Day/our 4 year anniversary at a Jays game.
Talk soon!


  1. Aww, you guys are such a cute couple! I know exactly what you mean about having tons to do! New follower, by the way! (:

    Oh and I'd like to invite you to enter the great 150 Follower Giveaway I have going on right


  2. Correction - no one who is experiencing nice weather is on reading blogs. Hence me on them like, all the time.

    I hear your pain on the lists / not much time to do anything.


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