Saturday, August 4, 2012

Summer vacation 2 - Splash Shoot

This might be one of the oddest photos that you'll see on this blog.  Let me explain.
My friend J, in the grey shirt, is opening a mens clothing  store in our hometown.  He'll also be selling a line of mens skincare and grooming products. 
For that section of his store, he wanted a poster of a guy getting hit in the face with water.   I got to photograph it.  
Now, I don't live in this city anymore and had to put our set together in my mom's backyard, with what I could find.  Hence: black fabric, garbage bags, pool floatation device, lawn furniture and my brother's girlfriend as my assistant. 
It was a lot of fun.
The black fabric gave a nice dark background.  I needed light to still shine on the water as it flew, but not too much on Jon, so S held the pool lounger in the right position to block the light on him but not the water. 
Then we had to get the water thrown just right...

It took about 150 tries.  Either that or we were having too much fun torturing Jon...

We varied the splashes by throwing it from cups, pitchers, buckets, water pistols and straight from the garden hose.  At least he was having fun too.

Here's the final shot that will be put up in the store.

And our team photo :)

Have a great weekend! 


  1. this is amazing! haha. not only does it look like a jolly good way to spend a summers day, but i loved that you shared the process with us. it's so amazing to see the shots that didn't make the cut along with the behind the scenes, very interesting! thanks for sharing :) (ps thanks for commenting on my blog!)

  2. wow...that's aweseome! kudos to you for doing this in your mom's backyard. I would never guess it from looking at your final photo. kudos to your model too!

  3. Loving these pics & your blog! Xo


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