Tuesday, April 10, 2012

10 things on the 10th

Hello friends.
I have missed you but haven't known what to blog about lately.  
10 things on the 10th - I've seen this idea on a few blogs, but can't remember where, now that I should credit the creative mastermind.  (sorry creative mastermind!)

Enjoy - a bunch of things that are happening in my life.

1.  I'm going to Chicago again on Wednesday.  Steve is presenting at the Midwestern Political Science Association conference.  I am moral support/company/wanting to hang out in Chicago again mostly. 

2.  On Sunday we had a few friends over for an Easter Brunch, we ate lots of waffles, fresh fruit, scones, and drank mimosas.  I don't miss the egg hunt.   

3.  That's a lie.  I miss the egg hunts that my mom used to do when my siblings and I were older.  She would hide plastic eggs with loot inside (money, candy, jokes, etc) - but! the best part was she hid them in the backyard and woods around her house in the country.  
We would wait for nightfall and hunt for eggs in the dark with flashlights.  Thrilling, really. 

4.  About a week ago I went to a hairdresser for a TRIM, told her I am trying to grow my hair out.  Seconds later 3-4 inches of my hair fall to the floor.  She said "You need to take that much off for it to look good."  Arggggh!  She put me back to square one, essentially.  I hate that.

5.  Mad Men is back on tv and I am loving it.   Community too!  
Is Zou Bisou Bisou stuck in your head?

6.  One of my favourite cousins got engaged over the weekend, to a lovely Frenchman.  Which means, next summer, I get to attend a wedding in France!  It will be beautiful I'm sure.

7.  In the past month or so I've shot my first 2 boudoir/glamour portrait photo sessions.  They have been a lot of fun.  Here's one of my fave images of a friend.  I'm looking forward to offering more of these sessions to clients in Toronto. 

8.  I started a Project Life scrapbook on March 3rd and I am head over heels about it.  It's so much faster, simpler and more comprehensive than scrapbooking random layouts.  I'm sure I'll share photos of it soon. 

9.  I'm currently reading the book The Memory Keeper's Daughter, and just finished the Hunger Games trilogy.   It's nice, reading books again rather than scrolling on Pinterest until carpal tunnel kicked in. 

10.  My ten favourite foods of all time are:
Pineapple, waffles, strawberries, raspberries, Smartie McFlurries, french macarons, lemon desserts that melt in your mouth, stuffed mushrooms, strawberry-rhubarb pie and Nutella crepes.
Clearly I have a sweet tooth, I blame my Papa - I saw him once add sugar to his orange juice.

I hope your April is wonderful so far!


  1. Welcome back! I seriously believe that March was cursed - I know a number of people who had a pretty lousy month. Here's hoping for smooth sailing in April.

    I have a lot of great memories of the egg hunt too - nothing quite as intensive (I lived in the city) but my mom always went all out for the holidays. A part of me does miss that, but I've reached the age where an extra day off is even more exciting. ;)

  2. A Wedding in France - WOW, what a dream!
    Haha I laughed at the image of your dad putting sugar in his orange juice, too funny!

    Glad you're back to blogging a lil'!


  3. I read the Memory Keeper's daughter a little while ago and so want to read the Hunger Games too! I look forward to hearing more about your Project Life book - I've been thinking about starting it too, it sounds like such a great way of documenting your life without too much work involved.

    Hope you're doing okay Melanie. Grieving takes time & energy, I hope you're able to take some extra time for yourself. I lost my grandmother around this time of the year last year and it really took me a while to feel back to my normal self. xoxo


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