Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Chicago - the Reunion.

The first time Steve & I visited Chicago was in September, we had a great time and never expected we'd be back so soon.  Then Steve found out he'd be presenting at the Midwest Political Science Association's annual conference.   A few of his fellow classmates would be going as well, and hey, why not visit the Windy City again?
I mean, look at this place.
Friends at Millenium Park.
I took one of the architecture boat tours while Steve was 'conferencing' and it was really interesting.  I learned a lot of random facts about Chicago.   Most surprisingly, that Wrigley was originally a soap company.  The soap wasn't great, so they added free gum to boost sales and found their real calling.
In the evenings we hung out at local pubs, so Steve could see his beloved Stanley Cup playoffs.  You can see I'm impressed, haha.  Note: Chicago pubs take 'hot' wings seriously.  Burning mouth seriously.
The rooftop of our hotel had a great view of the Forever 21 that I shopped at, haha.
Speaking of shopping - here's a peek at what I bought.  I had no idea it was all so coordinated.
I had a wonderful brunch with Malori - sadly this photo of Frushi is the only evidence. 
It was all fun until I caught a cold and was forced to chill to the max.  I blame forgetting to pack my vitamins. 
Thanks for the good times Chicago!  I highly recommend it for a weekend trip.


  1. Ohhh, Forever21 is a bit of a weakness for me too, haha. Those are some stunning pictures of Chicago. You make me want to go travelling again ... Sigh.

    Hope you've gotten over your cold by now! :)

  2. Chicago looks like such a cool place to visit. The view of the skyscrapers and the river running through everything is super nice. It's on my list.

    Great pics, as always. :D


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