Wednesday, February 1, 2012

2012: The year of the Dirty 30.

It's official.  2012 is the year in which 80% of my friends turn 30. 
Everyone I grew up with - friends from elementary school, high school, college.  (Me too. )
It's daunting, 30, for some reason.   Growing up in the 80's I had a much different picture of where I would be at 30.  Not that I dislike where I am now at all, but when I think about my mom turning 30 and already having 3 kids, sometimes that clock gives a little tick ;)

At least the fun part of this year will be a lot of parties.  The first of them was this past weekend, a surprise party 3 weeks late for D.  Here are a few fave pics. 

First off - check out the view from their condo! My city <3

The 'cake' was a pile of persians - which are unique to Thunder Bay, and were flown in as a surprise with D's sister.  I should dedicate a post to those desserts soon - I need to crack the recipe. 
Think cinnamon bun/donut with raspberry frosting....
If you talk behind the glass no one will know.  ;)
Happy Birthday D!

How old are you and your friends turning this year? 
Does 30 seem daunting to you?

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  1. Maybe I'm just naively casual about it, but 30 doesn't feel that daunting to me. I'm pretty happy with my life and the track I'm on right now, and I think I've *finally* learned not to overthink every damn thing.

    Also, it helps that my 30th is almost two years off yet. ;)

    (Really wish I was around for the parties this year, though.)


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