Saturday, February 4, 2012

Smiles this week.

The coolest things on the internet this week.
I challenge you to not smile while watching this silly remix of Yelle.   The around the world dance moves are awesome.

How adorable is this vase?! The person who designed this gets an A+.
I've also fallen for the art of Matte Stephens on his blog.  He has an etsy shop too.

One more video - a brilliant poem about loving girls who read.

And lastly, a little early February romance.   Engagement photos from a photobooth proposal. Blogged over at
Oh and p.s.!  My friend Barbara is hosting a February photo challenge on her blog.  It's not too late to join if you'd like! I'll post my challenge pics at the end of each week. 

Happy Superbowl Eve!


  1. The photobooth proposal is brilliant, and I love the poem. I notice you have a new "About Me" photo in the upper right hand corner. It looks very nice, and I like that you consider yourself a Torontonian now. :)

  2. I have fallen in love with those art work prints :) They are awesome!


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