Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Vintage Hat Love. Bring Hats Back.

 You may or may not already know how much I love vintage hats.  
This morning I had some spare time to browse Etsy's lovely listings and these are my favourites at the moment.   If I had to just pick one, I think it's the first green one, in the top left corner.
 Which would you choose?

Also, I got my hair done again last week and I've been wearing this green vintage hat a lot this winter.  So here's a snap of that. 
 I saw this picture and was amazed at how the light fixture in our dining room doesn't look half bad.  I hate it in person.  Ahhh there's nothing that can't look good out of focus ;)
How's your week so far?


  1. Your hair so SO fun! I love it. Such a vibrant color. (I just listed a vintage hat in my shop last night!) I would choose the first one in the list you have. The kelly green would look amazing with your hair and I like the style of it. PS - ebay is a great resource if stores are sold out of the lipstick!

  2. LOVE your hair! It looks awesome and that hat you're wearing is so great! I love all the Etsy hats too - I agree with you on your favorite and I also really love the green one bottom left.

    On a different note: I made a last-minute decision to go the the Interior Design Show in Toronto on Saturday. It's in the Metro Convention Centre - so I'm taking the bus/GO train to Union station. If you happen to be free, perhaps we could meet up! There wouldn't be time for thrift shopping, sadly, but coffee might work if you have time!

  3. I'm liking the bottom left, though I don't think that emerald green would suit me, however gorgeous it looks.

  4. I love hats...on other people. I haven't mastered the wearing of hats as you obviously have. Your hair looks great!

    PS -(I was flipping through OLD posts of mine and found your name and had to revisit you. Glad I did.)

  5. hey Mel - thanks for stopping by the nest, you're hair is flamin' fantastic! I'm so eager to get some 'real' wild colours back in my doo (once I pop this baby out) and can feel less guilty about putting those colourful toxins back into my system! lol
    have a great week!
    Mel ;o)
    needle and nest

  6. That picture does look very good! I agree though, indoor portraits are very tricky!
    I love your hair and definitely share your love for hats. Not too long ago I found an amazing vintage inspired wool hat that was marked down by a lot. I have yet to post the pictures, but it has hardly left my head since;)


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