Friday, November 18, 2011

Bring Hats Back.

Over the past couple years I've stumbled upon and fallen for some beautiful vintage hats. 
They make me wish 3 things.  
1.  That people wore hats more often, and generally dressed nicer.
2.  That I had a head of perfectly placed 1940's curly hair.
3.  That it wasn't so windy outside. 

The other day, I was ambitious enough to face these 3 wishes and took a hat down and wore it. haha!
I found this hat while thrifting in my hometown.
I wore it with a simple brown sweater and one of my fave skirts that I bought years ago in NYC. 
 I always get a kick out of what's written inside the hats.  This one says "Finest Imported Velour," which has a nicer ring to it than Made in China, doesn't it?
There is no information about where it was made, but the detail in the shapes is beautiful, and the netting is really delicate.
Have you got hats?  Do you wear them?  Any interest in seeing more of mine?
Have a great Friday!


p.s. you can also see the hat in action here


  1. I am loving hats right now too! It feels so feminine to wear them, but also like you are 5 and playing dress ups again! Love your outfit.
    I watched Pride and Prejudice last night and wished we all still wore clothes like that, instead of jeans!
    Hope it isn't too cold for you
    ~Susannah x

  2. I wore hats in high school. I had a varied collection of tams and berets. I have no idea where any of them are now... The black one would go great with my red felt coat.

  3. I would love to see more of yours! I really only wear winter hats:)

  4. It's a cute hat!

    I didn't wear hats until last winter, because I was sure that none of them fits me perfectly. Now my absolute favorites are knitted berets.

  5. I absolutely love your style!
    Super cute combo with the hat and skirt.

  6. What a beautiful hat!! And really adorable photos of you, I love how you wore it. I love hats, but don't really have any because I never really know what to wear them with. I'd love to see more posts of yours and how you wear them, they might inspire me to buy some and wear them too!

  7. That hat is so gorgeous. It suits you so well! I'd call it a 'mink' kind of brown. I'd love to make the hats for our bridal party, since I've made a couple teeny sassy hats before. I already know what I want mine to look like. I'm thinking birdcage veil type thing with stuff on the side. I love how delicate the veil is on yours. Very dreamy.

  8. I love that hat, it looks great on you. I don't wear hats, my head gets too hot. But if I did I would love the one you're wearing.

  9. love vintage hats? Me TOO!!!
    visit my latest blog update on these lovelies ...
    and link there to see a collection of over 30 hats in my shop


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