Saturday, January 15, 2011

52 weeks - week two.

claire5463, originally uploaded by melaniegodecki.

Claire, an actress and co-worker of mine.  
H&M dress, hat and gloves from my collection ;) 


  1. I LOVE THIS SHOT!! It is timeless and classic!
    You are amazing!

  2. hi,

    that is a lovely photo!

    i'll answer this on my blog too in case anyone else wants to know but i thought i'd tell you here so you see it for sure, haha.

    we went to david's bridal in the states. near buffalo i think. i will have to ask ivan's mom for sure which city we were in. they had a ton of dresses!

    hope that helps!


  3. i love this! it looks super vintage - is that a result of editing or did it come out this way?

  4. Oooh... Ghostly. Love the how the colours come together in this one.

  5. ANNNNNNNNND 3 for 3. I'm in love with your work.

    You've captured an amazing image.

    A Foreign Land


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