Monday, November 21, 2011

Smiles This Week

Things in life this week that were great.

These train tracks actually exist in Ukraine.  Photo by Olag Gordienko.
I just want to walk all the way down from one end to the other. 

Friday night we went out for dinner with friends to Atlas One on St Clair West.  It was phenomenal. 
The food, service and atmosphere were perfect.  We stayed and enjoyed for hours.

We watched the film Another Earth.  It was intense, sometimes uncomfortable, but really well done.

One day the timing worked out to catch the shiny brand new TTC subway on the way to work - and going home :)

I picked these last summer :)
Adding wild blueberries to anything makes it more delicious.
Salads, muffins, pie... this morning it was pancakes.  Yes, today is my Sunday.

I'm off to get a haircut.  Hope you have a lovely Monday!

What was the best little thing in your week?


  1. Blueberry anything = YES. And the train "tunnel" photo is incredible - such a cool idea.

    Loving these weekly posts, Mel. You've been an excellent Cool Things Dealer. Expect a glowing performance review in the new year. ;)

  2. Did you like the musical saw scene in 'Another Earth'? You can hear music from it on the composer's website


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