Wednesday, October 5, 2011

new age. new haircut.

Hello hello.
I hope your Wednesday is going well.
I had a very nice day yesterday, my 29th (gulp!) birthday.
I had the day off, so I started it out by reading lovely facebook messages from friends.  Perfect start.
 And the sun was out and warm.  Amazing.
Then I went and got my haircut.  I went for the big change-up, because for some reason I do that on my birthday regularly...(sometimes not by choice)
Voila.  My new hair - a classic bob with fringe. 
I am not sure how I feel about the bangs, they're taking some time to grow on me.  *bad pun - groan.

After the haircut I met up with Cindy for a chocolate milk :) and then met Steve for dinner.
Torontonians - don't be fooled by "Big Daddy's Crabshack & Oyster Bar"  - they didn't actually have crab.  Which is my fave.  I did get crabcakes, and the rest of the food was good, but really - I would have gone to Red Lobster.   At least I got crème brûlée.
I got spoiled with birthday gifts!
My mom, bro & sis got me the JoTotes Betsy camera bag, which is great, and the perfect size. 
And among other pretty things (for one the t-shirt I'm wearing)
Tegan and Sara : The Con
 Steve spoiled me with records.
Radiohead : In Rainbows
Architecture in Helsinki : Moment Bends
The first two are older favourite albums of mine, and the third one is new, I've never heard it before, but love the band.

A solid birthday all around.  
When is your birthday?  Any fellow Libras reading?

See you soon with some photos, baking and a fall craft!


  1. The hair looks awesome!

    Looks like you did pretty damn well this year. Very cool bag! And hey, you finally got that Tegan and Sara record. Good ol' Steve. :)

  2. Happy birthday +2 days! And I am enjoying your new sassy hair cut.

  3. Such a cute hairstyle! Loving the way it looks :)


  4. Happy (belated) birthday Melanie! I love the new hairstyle, the bangs look great!


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