Tuesday, October 5, 2010

10 down. 12 to go!

good bye september!
and good bye accomplished goals.

yesterday one of my missions was aborted. not my choice.
i went to get my hair cut trimmed. i explained to the hairdresser that i was growing my hair out, and that i just wanted a little more shape put into the hair. i was getting that awful hair-dent-from-the-back-of-your-neck awkward length thing that i hate, and i wanted it angled a bit so the front would be longer. 30 seconds later, 4 inches of my hair falls to the floor and i have a bob again. what!?
i don't mind the new hair, but listening skills should be a required course in hair school.
i am going to cross this one off the list anyway - my hair this year was longer than i've had it in a long time, and even though i am terrible at styling it, i did put in more effort than my go-to ponytail.
here's a collage i was too lazy to make in photoshop and so used photovisi.com. :P
there you have it - from short to curly to long(ish) to updo to pulled back. hurray :)

in more important goal news - i am taking a big step in the mastering of flash photography.
i started going to school! i am really excited about it. i've enrolled at ryerson university and am taking my first (of many i hope) professional photography course. next week we get to start playing in the studio. i can't wait :)

i also accomplished the missing 1/2 of my baking goal - waffle iron cookies.
they were a lot of fun.
they're also posted here with a recipe link.

october should be a good month! my mom's 50th birthday is coming up - so i'm going to my hometown. i love halloween and am prepping my costume, and i'm feeling really inspired to work on the things that i love. (or at least buying the supplies for them. heh)


  1. I am so at that ugly hair stage too! Growing it out is a pain.. I am really tempted to go back to the bob. You have a great attitude about it though. When it comes to my hair... sheesh, it better be right or I will flip a lid. ;)

    That's awesome that you are going to school! I am totally jealous!

  2. Oh, and another thing I am jealous of is your gorgeous RED hair! Oh, I love it!!

  3. If you get back on the hair-growing horse, so to speak, my favourite shot from your collage is the middle pic in the left column. Taken at a wedding, maybe? Not sure what stage that was at, but it is tres chic.

  4. Yay, when will you be in town?


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