Monday, October 3, 2011

missing summer, but fall is ok.

It seems like on every blog I read, everyone's head over heels for fall.
I think too many of the blogs I read are based in places like Arizona.
missing summer
- no more air drying my hair
-sundresses are boxed up
-lines on my ankles from wearing socks
-windows are closed for the first time in months
-popsicles are no longer a treat.  soup is.
-berries grown in local fields taste better

liking fall
-i get to wear my cute coats
-it's ok to turn on the oven and bake
-tv shows are back
-cozy curling up under blankets
-spiced pear body wash
-deciding what to be for Hallowe'en

The biggest difference, in my corner of Canada at least, is what to wear to go out. 

getting dressed in summer is easy

Fall, thankfully, still looks good:
getting dressed in fall takes more effort

 What do you miss about summer/like about fall? 

The worst thing about fall?  It's one step closer to winter.  


  1. Love your summer & fall outfits! I've had a great friend move to TO in the past couple of years and I'm so jealous of the lovely fall and winter clothes she can wear. Maybe instead I can live vicariously through you :)

  2. I 100% agree with missing summer.

    baking and tv shows are really the only upside.

    I bet fall is great when you live in texas or something but in canada it just means one step closer to the dreaded winter.

    what program do you use to create your collages? surely that would take forever in photoshop.


  3. @ Erin - the collages were made at
    Hugely fun timewaster :)
    @Kyla - If only fall lasted more than a few weeks before getting so cold! (Not as bad as Winnipeg or my hometown Thunder Bay, though)

  4. Love that fall dress and the coat!
    I actually learned to love the fall here in Canada - in Holland it's both more wet and colder, yikes! However, last week it felt like being back home weather wise. :)
    What I miss most about summer is the light. I'm always so happy when the days start to get longer again!

  5. I miss Canadian fall SO much. Fall here in Ireland is crap. And winter is depressing. I miss the Canadian snow so much. It just rains here for 4 months. Not cool.

    So many apologies in advance when I go on about autumn / winter in the coming months on the old blog. It's because I miss it so.

    You could just send some of it over here, if you'd like?

  6. i need those betsey johnson tights! fall outfits really are the best.


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