Wednesday, October 19, 2011

52 weeks - weeks thirty-nine and forty.

Somehow there are only 12 weeks left in the year.  (I think I'm one behind the calendar.)
Time flies.
If you're in the Toronto area and haven't been the subject of a week yet, act now!

#40.  Hamish, a friend doing his PhD at the University of Toronto.  We wandered around the school and found an impressive amount of stately fireplaces.  This one was the favourite. 
 Note the other fireplace selections.
Week #39 was a walk through the paths near my house with my old friend Katie.   We wanted to capture the colours of the fall leaves.  They weren't there yet.  We found a nicely manicured garden in someone's yard and snapped away in front of the flowers that matched her sweater.

Have a great day!

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