Friday, August 5, 2011

Crafty links & things.

I browse online a lot.  And I make a lot of bookmarks. 
I really make too many bookmarks. 
And so, in what's finally a brilliant idea - I will share the links here.  I'll still be able to find them, and you can share in the fun of cool things online. 
I am also on Pinterest - where I save pictures of pretty things. 

Arigami - the art of making things out of balloons.  Incredible things - like ballgowns, clones of yourself and this giant octopus. 
Inkodye - a crafty paint that activates in sunlight - they have a few cool DIY projects worth checking out, I'd love to try this.

Did you know that Sharpie has fabric markers!?! I haven't seen these in Canada yet, but will be going State-side soon and will hunt for these!
Another reason for me to have an iphone.  Because when I don't have an iphone, I can't use the Instagram app, which means I can't order this mini book of my photos from Printstagram.
I don't have an iphone.
( I hate those commercials rubbing it in my face, btw)
Over at the Design Dazzle blog you can make your own bubble wand kit - for making gigantic bubbles!
This was my fave thing ever as a kid, my grandpa would make the best ones, my brother would always pop them.

And for those who are less crafty, and more shop-crafty, did you know about this tool ?  You can browse Etsy (or ebay) listings with loads of photos at once - making the hunt much quicker.  This is what I found when I searched for my favourite vintage enamel flower brooches. 

Alas, that's it for this week, I'm sure I'll have more soon!

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