Wednesday, August 3, 2011

52 weeks: weeks twenty-eight to thirty.

It's been a while.  How are you?
Here's a little bit of what I've been up to, photographically speaking.

week #28 of 52.
The first time I've ever approached a complete stranger to take a portrait. 
I was a little nervous!
I met Sujan at his place of work - a fabulous button and textile shop on Queen west. He let me snap 2 frames, then the shop owner came over and was confused about why I'd want to take his picture. I offered to take the owner's as well, but he just laughed it off. All in all, a unique & pleasant experience I suppose I'll try talking to strangers again.
If you ever see me in Toronto, wave me over!

week #29 of 52.
Spending some time in the pool with a friend is never a bad thing, although wow. After trying to get a decent shot with my point and shoot, I have a new respect for underwater photographers but also want to get a housing for my SLR! Have you ever seen the work of Elena Kalis?  I love her work.

week #30 of 52.  (a) is above (b) is below. 

My friend Bry was in Toronto visiting this weekend, which meant - photo of the week! 
We headed to the darkest place we could find in my neighbourhood - a field in a schoolyard. 
We experimented with a few different compositions and styles and I have 2 favourites. 
The fight against himself (#30a) was fine-tuned over about 20 attempts at spacing, lighting, speed and whew! we had a winner. The second photo (#30b) was one shot to test lighting and then the winner. 
We finally packed up, both tired and sweaty, then headed to meet Steve for ice cream. 
Good times.

But while we were out there with the shot set up...
I hope your summer is loads of fun so far! 
See you soon!


  1. I think I know that textile store! Love it :)

  2. Hey Mel! It was so nice of you to stop by my blog! I LOVE yours :) These photos are amazing! Those crazy swirly light photos are so, so cool. I really admire great photographers like you!

  3. I love that button shop! There's so much to look at and see.
    I had a great discussion there about dying buttons too.
    They sure know their buttons!

  4. ^ in response to your comment on my blog: I'm headed to OCAD next year :) right by Queen Street!

  5. Those photos are incredible! Just came upon your blog and love it!

    another Mel

  6. That shoot was awesome fun. Love how they turned out. :D


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