Sunday, July 17, 2011

52 weeks - week twenty-seven.

sjd by melaniegodecki
sjd, a photo by melaniegodecki on Flickr.

This is SJ, a former coworker of mine.  The plan for the photo this week was to have her playing volleyball on a beach at sunset.  However, I had never been to said beach before and didn't realize there would be 20 000 people there.  And so, we moved away from the crowd to get some relaxed shots under a tree while the sun set. 
Funny story, SJ was wearing workout gear, but as we started shooting, things had more of a pretty feel and we changed clothes.   This is the dress I was wearing, which I happily purchased at a Target last week. 

As for edits, clearly I did combine 2 photos, then didn't do much.  Here's the original:
I did play with colour a bit.  I added a Solid Colour Fill Layer which was golden - at 5% opacity.  I also used my lasso tool at 120px feather, drew around her face, selected inverse and then darkened the background slightly to draw more attention to her face.   I think I played with the Hue & Saturation a little bit as well, though I can't remember how exactly.

Overall the shoot was nothing that we expected, but I really like these shots of her.  (Next time I'll scout the beach.)

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