Friday, July 15, 2011


Cool Photography Things On The Internet This Week. 

I found this photography cheat sheet the other day - it's such a pretty visual representation of how to manually use your camera.  Check it out at Living in the Stills.

Melissa Jill Photography has a great series on Flash for wedding photographers. 
 I am guilty of not using flash creatively enough, but I'm working on it.  Thanks Melissa for the tips!

Slightly less 'photography' related, but check out photos of carvings made from Oreos, and needlepoint through Chex at Judith G Klausner's site.

I'm thinking about getting another JoTotes bag, a smaller one to use like a purse for everyday outings.  Anyone own the Millie?  Do you like it? Apparently there's a Betsy coming soon.

and lastly - my fave photo I've seen this week.
by Steven Sites on flickr.

What's your fave thing you've seen this week? Please share!

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  1. Cool. Passed it along to my newly camera-happy little sis. :-)


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