Tuesday, July 12, 2011

52 weeks - weeks twenty-five & twenty-six.

 week twenty-five.  During Toronto's Pride Parade.  I love how much genuine happiness is in his face. 
I don't know who this is :)
week twenty-six.  NASA Astronaut Kay Hire.  I met her at the Kennedy Space Center the day before the Atlantis Shuttle launch.  
I asked her if the pictures of being in space do it justice. (We were in the Hubble gallery.)  She said no, the images are just two dimensional and as much as you try to capture the beauty of it, it is still just like looking through a straw. 
Can you imagine!? I think pictures of the earth and outer space are incredible, but compared to seeing them first-hand they're like "looking through a straw."  So cool.
It would be amazing to be an astronaut, but I can say I never will.  
I blame motion sickness, mild fear of heights and a distaste for math. 

Would you ever go into space if you could?

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