Sunday, May 8, 2011

to my mom...

happy mothers day.
thank you for putting up with sleepless nights, wailing cries, puke, a messy house, tantrums, "what's for dinner?,"  fights with siblings, scraped knees, last minute homework assignments, awkward and loud teenage years....
thank you for tucking me into bed, making cookies, sewing doll clothes, making snow sculptures, painting Christmas windows, telling stories, making up games, picking me up from school or the movies, listening to me talk about boys, buying me clothes, letting me choose the colour of my bedroom,  and always saying love you....
thank you for teaching me how to read & write, cook, sew, create, and always work hard.  
thank you for teaching me how to be strong through adverse times. 
thank you for teaching me how to be the best person that i can. 
i love you very much mom.
i wish i could be at your house today to give you a big hug, make you waffles and give you flowers.
thinking of you lots,
love mel

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