Saturday, May 21, 2011

52 weeks - weeks seventeen and eighteen.

 The past two weeks photos have been more photoshop oriented... which is something that i need to practice  - learning new techniques is fun, but sometimes tricky to achieve perfection.  
 this is the most recent shot - week eighteen.  cynthia, crashing a tea party :)
we photographed the tea scene first, then shot cynthia on a plain background after - so i could 'cut' her out and place her in the scene.  i kept the lights in the same spot so the angles of shadows would be the same, but it was tricky getting the angle of view (looking downward) to match - as well as where her hands would be placed, etc.  overall, i think it's cute.
week seventeen was during all the madness of moving into the new apartment.  actually, i did it a week late, but will make up for that with 2 shots in one week soon.
the photo represents how things felt for a little while - all jumbled around, nothing in the right place, a bit chaotic.  here's hoping we don't move again anytime too soon.
 i am about 50% satisfied with the shot.  i didn't give myself a ton of time to edit, and would have liked to fix things like shadows - and when i look at it now i hate the box in front.  i will re-edit this one in the future.  it was fun to shoot, a little tricky, but i love having a remote control for the camera for stuff like this :)

it's a long weekend here! i'm shooting some portraits tomorrow, then hoping to do a few DIY projects around the new apartment.  we had brunch on the balcony in the sunshine this morning, it was lovely.


  1. The box one is actually really cool! Kinda trippy :)


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