Monday, April 25, 2011

52 weeks - week sixteen.

kyle7367-83, originally uploaded by melaniegodecki.
Meet The Deliverer.
Wannabe superhero, real-life postal employee.

Actually, this is Kyle.  We went to film school together ages ago. 
This is the roof of my house, where I will no longer be living come Saturday. 
This is the day after a huge "last weekend at our giant party house" party. 
I really wanted to get someone dressed as a superhero, fingers crossed as attempting to fly for the first time.  As if he discovered he had accidentally eaten half of a butterfly & wonders if he might finally have the super powers of his dreams.

In reality, the roof is really scary, and Kyle had some legitimate fears as he hopped on one foot.

Canon 5d, Sigma 28-200 lens, 1/125 sec, waiting for the wind to pick up the cape.
Photoshop: Selective colour adjustment layer to desaturate the orange-y houses, high pass filter on a layer at 40% for punch.  

Wishing I had shot it at night, with city lights in the background, but Kyle was only in for a few hours.

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