Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Music to love. Florence and the Machine.

I realize i'm not entirely ahead of the curve on this one, considering one of her songs was just covered on Glee, but i've rediscovered Florence this week after her SNL appearance.  If you take a listen to her tracks, new and older, you will probably recognize them.  They are infectious.  But, maybe like me, you haven't watched the videos, and that's where I've become hooked.  This video for Cosmic Love makes me want to rebuild that kaleidoscope set and make it my bedroom.  Beautiful!
I will be dancing along to her albums exclusively for the next few days. 


  1. Ahem... you might not like this:

    Choice phrase: "Bellowing at top volume between a couple of octaves is fine if you aspire to nothing more than being a chick Chad Kroeger, but it doesn’t fly if you’re Kate Bush in your head." Ouch.

    I'm torn about them/her. That Dog Days song gets stuck in my head, but Every. Single. Video. I see of her singing it live makes me so frustrated when her voice slips out of tune. Practice! But it's a catchy tune. So... I dunno :S

  2. Mel!!! It makes me so happy that you like the scarf and wear it! :) I need to learn to knit something else. I have been making them like crazy for Christmas gifts, I have been nervous about them being ok for homemade so it makes me so happy to know that you like it and wear it! :)
    Happy Holidays!

  3. i'm so freaking in love with florence and the machine. shes fabulous. if you have never seen her live, you must!


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