Monday, December 13, 2010

experiments in the studio

annabw4925, originally uploaded by melaniegodecki.
this is one of my favourite shots from the studio time i've had this semester. i don't know what it is specifically that i like so much - maybe the fact that the image doesn't look like my friend, but like a character of some sort.  we had a lot of fun playing with my different vintage hats and how they cast shadows. this one worked perfectly because it still let some light through.
i've finally finished editing and printing all of my assignments, ready to be evaluated in tomorrow's class. and because it's night school we get to have a mini christmas party.  sweet.
if you'd like to see more of the portraits, check out my flickr set here

photography makes me happy.


  1. That is a great shot, amazing!

    I love the look in her eyes

  2. What a beautiful woman! This photo looks like something from sixty years ago - just stunning! I really like this one:, too!!!

    - Lindsay


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