Monday, November 29, 2010

I am still alive...

I've been busy and not...
working a fair bit (at a Gap Kids store downtown part-time) and busy shopping. haha.  I've finished my Christmas gift buying except for the hardest two - my brother and my grandpa.
Mostly because my brother has interests in things I know nothing about - cars.  And my grandpa has everything you could ever think to buy him.  Suggestions accepted if you know of anything!

Otherwise, in life:

Steve and I finally had a little book club.  He's been so busy with school that it ended up being a book he had to read to teach from, but that was ok by me.
We read: The Visit a play by Friedrich Durrenmatt
It was really interesting and thought provoking.  As I suppose texts that are studied my philosophy majors would and should be.   A brief synopsis without spoiling it:  A woman returns to her hometown 50 years after being forced to leave in shame.  The town has fallen into dire economic times.  She offers $500 000 to the town, and $500 000 to the residents (a lot in 1955) if they kill one man.
Obviously this raises many social and ethical issues, which the play deals with in a thoughtful and "non-preachy" way.  The book is under 100 pages, but Steve and I had a lengthy discussion afterwards.

I have also spent my time on schoolwork, we've done some studio photography sessions now, and I am having great fun with them.  My coworker Cynthia came to be a model last week - we had a blast.

annnnnddd, my friends and I had a cookie swap this past weekend.  I spent 4 hours making triple batches of what turned out to be the most amazing cookie I have ever made.  Time well spent.  And then on Saturday we partied, I made homemade apple cider and we all traded our baking efforts.  (Sorry, I didn't take pictures!) Now I have 2 giant tupperware containers of cookies and sort of feel a bit sick from all the sugar.  hah.

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