Monday, November 1, 2010

mini halloween recap

i had a great halloween this past weekend.  i spent loads of time spent baking, decorating and making my costume and steve's but it was well worth it.  
i'm especially proud of his foam hat that i made out of an old mattress topper.  haha. 
we partied with our huge fabulous group of friends at our place and stayed up waaaaaay too late + ate much too much candy.  
here we are, in case you want to see :)
how was your halloween?
p.s. i'm from the movie A League of Their Own and steve is from a SNL skit

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  1. omg. that hat is amazing!! good job on that one for sure!

    my halloween was good - super eventful and not all in a good way :S but dressed as richard simmons i felt like i could handle anything lol.

    are you moved to TO yet?



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