Sunday, November 7, 2010

12.5 down - 9.5 to go.

hey folks!
how are things in your corner of the world?
october was a good month :)
and goal-wise too.
i'll start by explaining the half-accomplished goal - learn how to screenprint.
you see, this month i did learn how to screenprint from a housemate who actually has a job at a screenprinting place. however, i learned by watching him do a print, and not a print or design of my own. so i'm only giving a half point to this until i actually print something myself.

plan a nice surprise for my mom's 50th birthday.
this goal was the only one that had an official due date. on the 14th, i flew to my hometown to spend the weekend celebrating with my mom, brother and sister. my aunt and i had been planning a bigger party, but in the end my mom really didn't want one and we went hiking in northern minnesota instead.
hike footage:
i also surprised/spolied my mom with a couple new outfits (she never buys herself anything) and i made her a necklace, which she really loved.
all in all she was very happy with her birthday festivities. which is all that mattered.

take up yoga again.
this goal has felt great since i started! i makes me wonder why i ever quit. i've joined a 'good life' gym and am taking classes on wednesday nights, and also bought a yoga mat and a book to be able to do it at home. it's so nice how relaxed my shoulders get even after 10 minutes of the right stretches.

so that's that for october! i've started this week on a big one for november - my own etsy!
lots of work still ahead of me, but i'll try to have things listed in the next week or two, in case anyone wants to shop or trade before the holidays! cheers! love mel

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  1. Love your picture collage above! and cute outfit. Glad your mom had a great birthday! Congrats on the Etsy Store. And dude. going to the gym is so much fun. I used to do kickboxing classes. i hope to one day get back into that. LOVE


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