Friday, October 22, 2010

photography assignments.

hey blog friends.
i have been keeping really busy lately.
(hopefully less so now that i told my work that they're killing me and to back off!)
one welcomed time-taker is my photography class. this week we had to hand in our first 3 assignments. the reception of my photos seemed great, but i haven't seen my grade yet. haha.

assignment #1 was a study in composition.
we had to create photos with:


a frame within a frame

using the "rule of thirds"

dramatic angles
we also had to take a single photo and using only cropping, have it look 3 different ways.

assignment #2 was all about finding light & its variations

& #3 was in the studio - playing for the first time with how light & objects interact.

overall it was a lot of fun!
next we start doing studio portraits, which i am really looking forward to learning.
i'm going to hunt and drool over some old hollywood black & whites now.
have a great weekend :)

p.s. thank you frank, katie, bry & kate for being such great models


  1. I love these - my favorite is symmetry and the dinosaurs! It looks like you had a lot of fun. I want to take a photography class so bad.

  2. soooo i don't know a ton about photography and specifics...but those photos are AWESOME!!! hope you get wicked grades girl :)

  3. wow, these are awesome! Looks like sooo much fun!


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